Friday, February 19, 2010

USHL Goalie Prospect-Jared Coreau

After having the pleasure of watching goalie Jared Coreau (LIN) play tonight, I decided to write this article. I've been having mixed thoughts on Coreau throughout the year as he has been inconsistent. His stats aren't great, (7-13-3), 3.16 GAA, .891 SV% , but he has the size, 6'5"/200, to be a top NHL prospect. Currently, Jared's ranked 15th for North American goalies. I only expect that ranking to go up as the USHL season finishes up. It's too bad that Lincoln (13-25-7) probably won't make the playoffs this year so he won't have that extra experience. Jared is always square to the shooter and has some really quick reflexes for a player of his size. He is excellent on breakaways and mid-range shots. His only weakness is up close where he can't slide from post to post as fast as a smaller goalie. Coreau has one of the fastest gloves in the league and can deny shots on that side with amazing ease. He is one of the most exciting goalie prospects in the USHL right behind Cab Morris. I think if Jared can keep his play at the same level he been playing as of late, he can challenge Willie Yanakeff as the second drafted goalie in the 2010 NHL draft.
Jared is committed to play at Northern Michigan in 2010 and I fully expect him to go to the AHL or maybe even find a spot on a NHL roster right after he's done at Northern Michigan. Expect Coreau to be taken in the later rounds of the NHL draft this summer.

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