Wednesday, February 17, 2010

USHL Prospect Alert-Kevin Lind

Kevin Lind (CHI) is my top-rated '10 draft eligible defenseman. His one on one skills are phenomenal. He's not the greatest offensive producer (14 pts. in 37 games), but his defensive ability is insane for a player at his level. In my previous article where I mentioned size as a disadvantage for Tynan, the same statement does not apply. Lind can bowl over forwards on his 6'3"/200 frame. He can only get bigger and he'll be on a lot of NHL draft lists for his size alone. His size coupled with his amazing defensive skills makes him a very valuable prospect.

Now there is an issue that brings Lind's value down significantly. His inconsistency has been his Achilles heel. At moments he looks like the best defenseman to play in the USHL in years. But then at other moments, he just looks so out of it you would think he was new in the league. If he can improve his hockey intelligence, he should have a very bright future.

Even with his inconsistency, Kevin could be a late first round, early second round pick in this year's NHL draft.
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  1. Nice article Skribes! Lind sounds like someone to watch.

  2. Good article, he should develop mentally in the upcoming years @ ND, but this wont necessarily help his draft status...

    However, with his athleticism (and development of his mental game) it's not a stretch to say that he will play in the NHL one day.


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