Wednesday, March 3, 2010

USHL Prospect Report-Seth Ambroz

Seth Ambroz (OMA) is only 16, but he is already a great player, prospect, and scorer. Even though he's only 16, this is the second season of his USHL career. That's right, he was 15 when he got invited to the Lancers' tryout camp in 2008. To make it to the league at 15, you need to have amazing skills and that's what Seth has for a player of his age. Of course, it didn't hurt that Omaha Bliss Littler knew the Ambroz family from when he coached Seth's older brother Matt at Tri City.

Ambroz is another guy possesing great size, standing at 6'3"/205. Seth moves the puck well and sees the ice even better. For a player as young as he is, Ambroz can see passing lanes and deliver crisp tape-to-tape passes to set up his teammates. Ambroz already posses an NHL worthy shot at only 16. His shot is blistering fast and the most impressive part is that he can take good shots from just about anywhere in the zone. What impresses me the most about Ambroz though, is the fact that at 16, which is a least a year younger than the average USHL player, he doesn't look lost at all. Sure the fact that this is Seth's second USHL season, but even in his first season when he was 15, he had 31 points in 60 games. This season Ambroz has 41 points through 15 games with a 21 plus/minus rating.

Ambroz isn't eligible for the 2010 NHL draft, because he'll be 17 during the draft. Seth is already commited to play at the University of Minnesota. I think it's safe to bet that Ambroz will be one of the top scorers in the league next year. Seth is probably my top rated 16 teen year old in the USHL. Seth is widely regarded as the most exciting 2011 eligible prospect, and is definitely someone to keep your eye on.


  1. Good player but too bad his feet aren't as fast as his blistering shot...kid doesn't look lost because he has been given the golden spoon since he stepped on the ice last year. Sooo many opportunities that most rookies would only dream of....and he has been given them even if they are not deserved. And your totals are incorrect ...he has 42 points in 47 games!!

  2. Whoops...I don't know where I got 15 games from, must have been a typo on my part.


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