Friday, May 21, 2010

Just so you readers know....

I am still alive, and I'll be posting post-draft recaps for every team. This is very time consuming though, so please be patient with me!


  1. Why is asking you to "write up some profiles" when you admit that you know very little about these players that you are discussing. There are many contradictory remarks concerning future potential in what you are writing. Many of your comments are discouraging to players who might visit your site and you very obviously have no idea who you are talking about much of the time.

    By posting information that is not well thought out, you lessen the value of your content and harm the reputations of young men who have invested much hard work into their dreams. If it is your intention to write about young future USHL prospects, you could do something of value and learn about the players who are out there. An accurate report reflecting that work would be of great value to interested readers.

    There are many well established players out there who have great statistics that seem to escape your radar (goals, points, work ethic, +/-, etc.) Additionally, these players have great reputations among USHL head coaches and GMs - so they are not hard to find. Make sure that you are you not getting your player profile information from paid agents. Your picks should not be simple reflections of other "expert" bloggers and they should not appear to be a compilation of old conventional wisdom and outdated information. Find out what is really going on out there and use your site to help these deserving players get noticed.

    The truth of what I have written here is born out by the fact that your draft previews written prior to last week ended up being less than insightful and, in some cases, were misleading. I have read some of your post-draft material and I find it equally disturbing and reprehensible.

    Here is a pointer for you when "posting post-draft recaps". Keep in mind that when owners, head coaches, general managers, and scouting directors look at a player for over a year in a dozen or more league games and tournament play, their experience tells them whether they should draft them. With all that is at stake, most people respect that choice to draft - but you take that indication of player excellence and put your own "qualified" spin on it. Sometimes what you write is insulting. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. If you don't have information concerning a player, don't publish until you get information. Finally, look at what you write about a kid and ask yourself; did I help somebody - or did what I write hurt somebody?

    Players play, coaches coach, and referees ref. Every element has its checks and balances. Bloggers blog - you have to check yourself.

  2. To you anonymous, you obviously have not done any reasearch before coming on my blog and bashing my writing behind an anonymous posting name. Writing on future USHL players is not what I do. I watch USHL hockey every single week and if you would have read my blog before starting trouble, you would know that I write exxclusively on players already in the USHL. So, thanks for reading, and if you would like to contact and discuss this matter more, please feel free to email me at, although I have a feeling you won't.

  3. What trouble can there be on a hockey blog? I obviously did do research before coming on your blog. On May 15, 2010 3:08 PM you wrote…”I don't normally write profiles on guys that aren't in the USHL. I watch hockey a lot, as a matter of fact, and I like to think that I know quite a bit about it. I haven't seen any of these future USHLers play, as is clearly stated in the intro to the post.” You also say that you write “exclusively on players already in the USHL.”

    Well, obviously you do now write about ”future USHLers” as well. So you should look forward to getting better at it. Just because you watch hockey and think you know quite a bit about it, doesn’t mean you’ve cracked the code on figuring out which 16 year olds are going to do well in the USHL. On top of that, you are doing it with a knowledge base composed of comments from “scout friends” and pointstreak write-ups. I am simply asking this: be gentle with your assessments since you are writing and you are passing judgment (and you admit that you don’t know much about players coming up).

    Sorry about the anonymity. “USHLProspectsBlog” is kind of faceless as well I suppose – especially to some kid who puts it out there everyday who has to read something unflattering about himself that you’ve posted. Please, just read what I said without getting so defensive. You apparently don’t like my form of criticism any more than the type you hand out. Your posted material will only get better if you listen to my advice.

  4. Okay, I don't really want to start a debate on this blog, and I would like you to email me at so we can disuss this further, becausr I want to explain my reasons to you, but I don't want to have it on my blog. Thanks for reading.

  5. Thank you USHLProspectsBlog. Fair enough. In the future, only if necessary, my anonymous comments will be tagged with the moniker "HockeyBlogPoPo". I look forward to reading the informed, comprehensive material that a dedicated enthusiast such as yourself is obviously capable of writing. Hopefully, my work is done here. If so, I will move on to other hockey blogs that require my attention so that young hockey players everywhere can rest easy, knowing that a champion exists who will serve their cause and protect their right to play the sport of hockey knowing that they will be represented on the internet in a manner that is constructive, fair, and accurate. Hi Ho Silver - AWAY!

  6. I would love to discuss this with you, but obviusly you won't shoot me an email, so I'm done.


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