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Post-Draft Team Profiles- Dubuque Fighting Saints

USHL hockey is returning to Dubuque, Iowa once again. The Dubuque Fighting Saints were a mainstay of the USHL from 1980 to 2001 when the team relocated to Tulsa to become the unsuccessful Tulsa Crude, who only made it one season in the USHL. Dubuque won the Clark Cup in 1980-81, 1982-83, and 1984-85. Dubuque in my opinion, had one of the best drafts overall in the league and they could very well be a solid contender in the league next season. So let's recap the Tuesday and Wednesday of the Dubuque Fighting Saints starting with Tuesday's Futures Draft and ending with Wednesday's Entry Draft...

Futures Draft
Round 1 Selection
Riley Barber (Compuware U16) was Dubuque's first pick. Barber, in my opinion was the most complete player in the draft and it's no suprise he went first overall. Barber appeared on the radio show I was on that covered the draft live and did a short interview with us. As I said, he was the most complete player in the draft. Barber is probably the best skater to come out of the Futures Draft. Barber is a smooth skater with great speed. He shows good hockey smarts and always knows when the right time to make a pass is. Barber also passes more than he shoots, but when he has the opportunity, he can finish chances. He was drafted by the Windsor Spitfires in the fifth round of the OHL Priority Selection, so it is unsure if he will stay in America or go to Canada to play. Stats from last season: 38 GP, 38 points (16g, 22a), 28 PIM.
Round 2 Selection
Michael Matheson (Lac St-Louis Lions) was Dubuque's second selection in the Futures Draft. Matheson was selected by the Fighting Saints to get some depth at the defensive position. I don't have any info on Matheson's play style, because the scouts that I get my info on the '94s from do not focus on Canadian players as they very rarely some down and play in America. Also I must say, trying to find info on a French-Canadian player is not easy when you can't read French. In 30 games played for the Lac St-Louis Lions last year, Matheson gained 11 points, of those, 5 were goals and 6 were assists.  This is a pretty risky pick by Dubuque and they must have confidence that he will come down and play junior hockey.

Round 3 Selection
Ryan Hartman (Chicago Mission U16) was Dubuque's third selection and their second forward drafted. Hartman led the Mission midget minor squad in points, gaining 44 points in 38 games played this past season. Hartman is a shoot first kind of guy, netting 25 goals in those 38 games. Hartman has average size and should get bigger as he gets older and he could be a solid junior hockey player within the next few years. Hartman committed to play for the University of Miami-Ohio starting in 2013, so I would expect Hartman to be in Dubuque maybe for the 2011-12 season, or 2012-13 at the latest. Hartman has the potential to be a very good top six forward for the Fighting Saints coming up in the next few years.

Round 4 Selection
John Stevens (Team Comcast U16) was Dubuque's fourth selection and their third forward taken in the Future's Draft. The forward out of Sicklerville, New Jersey stands at an average 5'11", 153 pounds, but should continue to grow as he gets older and develops more in the AYHL with Team Comcast. In 34 games this past season, Stevens racked up 29 points, 11 were of which were goals, and 18 were assists. As far as I can tell, Stevens hasn't produced much of any college interest. In a few years, I can definitely see Stevens coming to Dubuque in a few years and will more than likely be a solid bottom six forward for the Fighting Saints.

Round 5 Selection
Jarrid Privitera (North Jersey Avalanche U16) was the Fighting Saints 5th pick in the Futures Draft and also one of the most interesting picks. Prvitera is very undersized, standing at a well below average 5'6", 142 pounds. He was also the 4th forward selected by Dubuque in the Futures Draft. I mentioned that Privitera was undersized, but as a 16 year old, he will have plenty of time to hit a growth spurt before playing in the USHL. Privitera had a good year statistically, ending up ranked fourth in the AYHL in points. Privitera achieved 47 points on the year total, netting 27 goals and getting 20 helpers. I would also be willing to guess that Jarrid is the brother of Muskegon's last selection of the Entry Draft, Alexx Privitera. Once he gains some size, I think Privitera could be a solid forward for the Saints.
Round 6 Selection
Adam Wilcox (Thunder AAA U16) was the Fighting Saints final selection by the Dubuque Fighting Saints and was yet again, a high scoring forward. With the Thunder AAA U16 squad, who play in the North American Prospects Hockey League  (NAPHL) among others, Wilcox gained 58 points in 49 games played last season. Of those 58 points, 25 of them were goals and 33 were assists. Wilcox also boasted a great +/- at +24. Wilcox was an integral part of the Thunder powerplay, netting 9 goals while his team was up a man. Wilcox, as far as I know, hasn't really picked up much college interest yet, but he could get some interest if he gets to the USHL with Dubuque, which very well could happen.

Entry Draft
Round 1 Selection
Jackson Teichroeb (Bowmanville Eagles) was the first and only goalie taken in the first round of the Entry Draft. Teichrob excelled in the CCHL last year, posting a great 20-8-4 record during the regular season, pairing that with a 2.26 GAA and .917 save percentage. Teichroeb carried those stats from the regular season into the post season, going 14-6-2 with a 1.95 GAA and .933 save percentage. This pick was obviously Dubuque trying to build up their goaltending strength. Dubuque drafted Lincoln goalie Matt Green, who showed signs of brilliance last year, and could be a very good goalie on a solid team, which was what Lincoln wasn't last season. Dubuque currently holds the rights to three goalies so it will be interesting to see who the two goalies on the roster will be.
Round 2 Selection
John Doherty (Chicago Mission U18) was the first forward selected by Dubuque in the Entry Draft. Doherty had an article written about him by the Amateur Hockey Report, which was sent to me by an emailer, but unfortunately I can't  link to that article as I'm not a subscriber to Amateur Hockey Report. However, the article mentioned his performance in the AAA hockey National Championship, where Doherty scored his only in six games in the pivotal moment of the Mission's game versus the Philadelphia Junior Flyers in the championship game. Besides being clutch in playoff games, Doherty also had a solid year statistically. In 47 games played, he had 27 points. Doherty has had interest from UNH, Nebraska-Omaha, Brown, Harvard and Holy Cross. Doherty also played 2 games with the Steel last season.
Round 3 Selection
Nick Luukko (Gunnery) was the first defenseman taken, and was taken with Dubuque's third pick, 37th overall. As per the usual with prep schools, Gunnery Prep doesn't show statistics on their website. I can tell you however, that Luuko stands at a big 6'3", 188 pounds. Luukko was also rated by the NHL Central Scouting Services as a "B" rated prospect and is starting garner some NHL Draft interest. I am at least 95 percent sure that Luukko will be wearing a Fighting Saints jersey next year barring a trade or something of the sort. I believe this because Luukko is scheduled to enroll at Vermont in 2011 which would allow him only one year to play with Dubuque in the USHL before suiting up for the Catamounts in '11. Photo from The Gunnery's Website.
Round 4 Selection
Tony Larson (Blaine HS) was the second of four defensemen taken by Dubuque in the Entry Draft. Dubuque is obviously looking to have a defensively solid team, taking four defensemen in the Entry Draft and signing four defensemen to pre-draft tenders. Larson is a more offensive geared player, netting 6 goals and getting apples on 26 goals by Blaine in 30 games played. Blaine got to the Minnesota High School Hockey State Tournament, but lost in the first round to Apple Valley, 2-0. Larson did not have a good game versus Apple Valley, where he gained no points, which is fine, but he was out on D when both of Apple Valley's goals were scored, making Larson a -2 for the game. Larson isn't committed to a college, but if he can produce offensively AND defensively for Dubuque, that should change. Photo from
Round 5 Selection
Brandon Adams (Chicago Young Americans U18) was the Fighting Saints second forward taken, and I like this pick. In the fifth round, Dubuque got a sniping forward out of Prospect Heights, Illinois. Adams scored 25 goals in 28 games last season for the CYA U18 squad. Adams also added 19 helpers for a grand total of 44 points in those 48 games played. Adams showed very good discipline, only getting 6 penalty minutes on the season. So far, Adams has not committed to a college, but even though I say this for most of the guys without scholarships, he should start getting interest when he is a top six forward for the Fighting Saints next year. As I said before, in my humble opinion, Dubuque got an absolute steal in the fifth round.

Round 6 Selection
Matt Morris (Jersey Hitmen) was the second goalie taken by Dubuque in the Entry Draft, leaving the Fighting Saints with the rights to three goaltenders going into tryouts. It will be interesting to see who gets the second spot on the Dubuque roster, Morris or first round selection Teichroeb. I'm amsuming that USHL veteran goaltender Matt Green, who Dubuque drafted in the Expansion Draft, will be given a spot. But on to Morris: he had good stats in the EJHL before former Lincoln and Waterloo goaltender Steve Racine came in and got the starting job towards the end of the regular season and into the playoffs. In the regular season, Morris posted a 17-3-4 record, with a 2.13 GAA and .908 save percentage in 38 appearances. Morris, as far as I can tell, has not been offered a scholarship by any colleges yet.
Round 7 Selection
Justin Lutsch (Shattuck St. Mary's Prep) was the third defenseman taken by Dubuque in the Entry Draft, and the second big d-man selected by the Fighting Saints. Lutsch stands at 6'2", 203 pounds. Lutsch is definitely a more defensive more than offensive minded player. With that said, Lutsch also produced offensively for Shattuck, gaining 20 points, 5 goals and 15 assists, in 55 games last season. With the amount of defensemen the Dubuque coaching staff acquired before and during the draft, it's hard to tell which defensemen are guaranteed to make the cut, and which ones will be playing another year in prep, midgets, etc. Looking around, I can't find that Lutsch has been offered a scholarship by any colleges yet.

Round 8 Selection
Tyler Lundey (Witchita Falls Wildcats) was the 8th selection by Dubuque and the third '91 birthdate selected by the Fighting Saints.  Lundey finished his first year in the NAHL (one tier below the USHL) with the Witchita Wildcats, and had a pretty good statistical year overall. In 58 games played, Lundey scored 13 goals and had 28 assists for a total of 41 points. As expected when played on a bad team, Lundey was a minus 9 on the year, but I wouldn't read into that too much. He also has a knack for scoring some pretty goals. I can see Lundey in Dubuque next year as a bottom six forward for the Fighting Saints. Lundey doesn't have a college offer yet, but if he plays in the USHL next season, I'm sure that will change.

Round 9 Selection
Chris Sitler (Belle Tire U18) was the 9th selection by Dubuque in Entry Draft, and he is a great potential top six forward. In 48 games with the Belle Tire midget major squad, Sitler had 63 points. Of those 63 points, Sitler netted 28 goals and helped out on 35 goals. Of those 28 goals, 7 came on the powerplay. The reason I said "potential top six forward" is because at the moment, I don't think Sitler has the size to battle night in and night out in the USHL. While there is a rare breed of player that can be successful in the USHL as an undersized player, i.e. TJ Tynan, most players are not from that breed. The size I'm talking about is Sitler's 5'8", 175 pound frame, which could hold him back from being in Dubuque next year. We'll just have to see at Dubuque's tryout camp.
Round 10 Selection
Kyle Murphy (Notre Dame) was Dubuque's 10th selection and their first college hockey player drafted. The 5'8", 169 pound forward out of  Fairhaven, New Jersey finished last season as a sophomore for the University of Notre Dame still not in the full rotation for forwards. Murphy will need to come in and take one Dubuque's overager spots if he wants to play USHL hockey next season. Murphy has only played in 17 games in two years with the Fighting Irish and has had no points. It was more than likely a move by the Notre Dame coaching staff for Murphy to return to juniors. The reason that Murphy had to be drafted is because he never played in the USHL, coming right out of Shattuck and going to Notre Dame right away.
Round 11 Selection
Jack Barre (Salisbury Prep) was Dubuque's 11th selection, and they sure picked a guy that has no information readily avaliable about him. Barre attended Salisbury Prep School and is a junior there. Colleges have shown interest in Barre, which, judging by his size, is not suprising one bit. Barre stands at 6'2", 190 as a forward which is pretty big. I would guess that Dubuque would utilize his size on the penalty kill and in the offensive zone as a big body in front of the net, screening the goalie, and deflecting shots in. If anyone has more information to share on Barre, please free to comment and enlighten me as to what kind of player Barre is.

Round 15 Selection
Vinny Saponari (Boston University) was Dubuque's 12th selection. He was the Fighting Saints' second and final college hockey player drafted in the Entry Draft. Like Murphy, Saponari will take up one of Dubuque's overager spots if he plays for Dubuque next season. But unlike Murphy, Saponari was a successful college player, playing 67 games so far in his collegiate career and he gained 35 points in those games. Of those 35 points, 14 were goals and  21 were assists. Breaking down Saponari's goals here, he had 4 powerplay goals and a bat-in goal that was the number one play of the week on SportsCenter's Top Plays of Week. Saponari would be a great addition to Dubuque as a veteran presence and top six forward. Photo from
Round 16 Selection
Lawerence Cornellier (Madison Capitols U18) was the next forward selected by Dubuque at 232nd overall. Cornellier led the Capitols U18 squad in scoring this past season, gaining 56 points in 48 games, 33 goals and 23 assists, just speaking to Cornellier's scoring ability. Now posting 30+ goals in the USHL is probably not going to happen in his first year in the league, but as a '92, he has the potential to be a great scorer down the road in the USHL. As far as I know, Cornellier doesn't have a college secured for his future, but if he breaks into the USHL for next season, it would certainly help his case for getting an offer from a college and if he performs very well in the USHL, he might get a scholarship to a big university.

Round 17 Selection
Mike Monfredo (Motor City Metal Jackets) ended the 5 player forward run Dubuque had going, and with Monfredo, a 6'4", 225 defenseman sitting on the board, could you resist the temptation to take him either? Although as a '90 birthdate, Monfredo will take up an overager spot on the Fighting Saints roster if he makes the team, the upside of having a 6'4" defenseman with 164 PIM who's not afraid to drop the gloves is very appealing. Besides the physicality of his game, Monfredo brings some offensive production to the table. Monfredo was an integral part of Motor City's powerplay, getting a goal and 14 assists while his team was a man up, amounting to 3 goals and 22 assists on the season.

Round 18 Selection
Stevie Miller (Jr. Bruins) was the second to last forward selected by Dubuque in the Entry Draft. Miller is a big forward who's going to be spending a year in the USHL as a '93 birthdate. Miller didn't play the whole season with the Jr. Bruins of the EJHL. In EJHL play, Miller played 15 games, getting a total of 7 points, 1 of them a goal, and the 6 left were assists. Overall with the Jr. Bruins however, Miller played in 20 games, but all of his points came during EJHL play. Miller was a +6 on the season with 8 PIM. Miller stands at an impressive 6'2", 195 pounds, so if he makes the Fighting Saints roster, he could be a solid bottom six grinder for them. The reason I say Miller will only be in the USHL for one is year is because he is scheduled to start playing for Cornell in 2011. Photo from
Round 19 Selection
Shane Omdahl (Roseau HS) was the last forward selected by the Fighting Saints in the Entry Draft, and they made one last attempt for a forward with great offensive potential. Omdahl recently completed his season with Roseau High School, which is in Minnesota. Omdahl is a playmaking forward averaging over an assist a game last year with 42. In addition to the 42 assists, Omdahl added 27 goals, which added up, makes a grand total of 69 points in 31 games played. That means that Omdahl averaged over over 2 points during the 2009-10 hockey season. Omdahl was a +42 on the year, and he led his team through the Section Playoffs with 4 points in 3 games, and into the State Tourney, where they lost in the consolation bracket to Duluth East. Omdahl could be in a Fighting Saints jersey next season.
Round 20 Selection
Holden Anderson (South Kent) was Dubuque's second to last defenseman drafted, and following the trend of prep school hockey, South Kent's website provides little to no information for individual players. But lucky for me, I believe that Anderson, a native French Canadian, played for the Moncton Wildcats last season. In 67 games, the 5'11", 169 pound defenseman had 15 goals and 23 assists for a total of 38 points. However, one stat that alarms me, is his plus/minus. Anderson was a minus 26 on the year. No matter how much you look into plus/minus, a number like that is alarming, but shouldn't hold him back for maybe being in the USHL next year. Anderson should be at Dubuque's tryout camp this summer, and we'll just have to see if Anderson suits up in a Fighting Saints jersey next year.
Round 21 Selection
Jeff Taylor (Syracuse Jr. Nationals) was the last selection by Dubuque in the Entry Draft. Taylor is a defenseman out of Clifton Park, New York stands at 6'0", 160 pounds. It was very hard to find information about Tayloe out there, and I can't seem to dig up any stats, so if anyone has any information on Talyor, please feel free to comment. Taylor was also the only 1994 born player drafted by Dubuque.

Dubuque's Expansion Draft Results
-Jordan DiGiando (F), Cedar Rapids
-Matt Green (G), Lincoln
-Andrew Sinelli (F), Sioux City
-T.J. Schlueter (F), Tri-City
-Scott Wamsganz (F), Waterloo

Dubuque's Pre-Draft Tenders
-Zemgus Girgensons (F), Green Mountain
-Joakim Ryan (D), New Jersey Devils Youth
-Derek Docken (D), Albert Lea Thunder
-Luke Curadi (D), Peniction Vees
-Nick Quinn (D), Orangeville
-John Gaudreau (F), Philidelphia Jr. Flyers
-Shane Sooth (F), USNTDP

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  1. Great info on Dubuque. There were some other Compuware forwards that were above and below Barber in point production last year. I saw them at Nationals in Chicago and they stood out. What happened to them in the draft and how do they stack up to Dubugue's #1 futures pick. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for reading! Barber was definitely the best '94 avaliable, becuase he not only has offensive skill, but he can play solid on the backcheck.

  3. Jack Barre is committed to Dartmouth for 2012. He is very raw but has a lot of upside. He did not put up great numbers this year at Salisbury but I expect him to have a big season with Salisbury in 10-11 and be USHL ready for 11-12.

  4. Hartman is going to USNTDP for next two year, and then possible to Saints before Miami in 2013. Your picture is not Hartman but #1 OHL Draft Alex Galchanyuk.

  5. do many prep school players get drafted in the futures draft???

  6. It's not uncommon for players to be taken out of prep schools. However, most of the players you see drafted in the Futures Draft are from Minn HS Hockey or midgets.


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