Sunday, July 25, 2010

Response to article on Garrett Peterson

Recently, I posted a prospect report on Garrett Peterson, and in that article, I labeled Peterson as a "bottom six" forward because of his love for contact. I received a lot of backlash for that label. I have decided to take down that article, as commenters were starting come after me personally, and I just wanted to stop that. I apologize for any offense I may have caused for this label. Thanks for reading the USHL Prospects Blog!


  1. Prospect, you may need to be thicker skinned to play with the big boys. So what is it , is he a bottom six at the USHL,College or NHL. It seems as though every time someone disagreed you changed leagues.

  2. If you rated him as that - stick to your "guns". Make a call, and live with that call - if you like rating playrs -- then rate them, and have some confidence. Screw 'em if they don't like it.

  3. "Screw 'em if they don't like it" is all fine and dandy, as long as you're not the one getting fecal matter piled upon them. But, when it's you taking the abuse, you either remove the post in question, or you shut down the comments alltogether. It has nothing to do with having 'thick skin' at all.

  4. I agree bottom six

  5. Really too bad people get nuts in cyberspace. Next a blog has to approve posts to keep toxic comments out, and that slows discourse down for the fan!!

    What can be said about Garret's production? In two years he has 35 points, is a -16 in 105 games over two seasons. Certainly not top 6 production.

    But there are circumstances that interject and reflects those numbers. We all know he was injured, but was man enough to play through his injuries, and was playing out of position. the definition of a true team player IMO, and will bring down anyone's numbers.

    He's a kid in a developmental league. His body of work is incomplete, as is most of these kids'. Lets see what Garett can do while healthy this year, with a new coach and back at forward where he belongs.

    I look for a big year out of this wrecking ball!!!

  6. There's pros and cons to both options. It's his blog and he can choose what he wants.

    Criticism is inevitable in a business (scouting) where your take/analysis is 100% subjective at times. If you think you were wrong, no shame in saying it. If others are just violently opposed, it depends on how much the writer wants to sick behind it.

    If the author also just wants to keep this a friendly atmosphere, that's his choice as well.

  7. Enough already! Keep up the posts on current USHL players that might "surprize" people this coming season. Forget about the hecklers and do your thing! You should have a new post everyday!!! You have many followers.

  8. I agree, you’re entitled to your opinion. Keep up the good work I really enjoy reading your blog.


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