Friday, August 6, 2010

USHL Prospect Report- Anthony Day

Anthony Day (Sioux Falls) will be returning to the Sioux Falls Stampede for his second season in the USHL. Day was recently featured on the official USHL website, highlighting Day's and teammate Sam Coatta's offseason workout schedule. In that article, Day stated that he starting boxing this offseason, and that very well could mean that Day will bring a more a physical side of his game this season. Only time will tell if the Stampede's leading returning scorer will follow up on his great rookie season in the USHL.

Day was one of the best rookies offensively speaking in the USHL last season. He showed off his ability to score fairly often, and he should get a bigger chance at playing time as a veteran. Last season, Day logged quite a few minutes on the Sioux Falls powerplay, picking up 13 of his 31 points while the Stampede were on a man advantage. Overall, Day scored eleven goals and picked up twenty assists on the year. Day is very talented offensively with a great shot and some of the cleanest passes in the USHL. But as a touched on earlier, Day has started boxing as a part of his offseason program, and although he was quoted as saying "It's not like I am trying to become a big fighter in the League...", I can imagine that Day coming back as a USHL veteran, will bring a more physical aspect to his game and that will make him a more complete fighter, whether he will drop the gloves or not.

Day isn't committed to a college yet, but he has been talking to some schools, and he wants to play out East. After college, what Day's hockey future will be is anyone's guess. As with most players, his future depends on how he plays in college hockey.

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  1. myles "alex" mccauley, tyler seguins former OHL whalers linemate attended the muskegon and omaha tryouts with pending offers from both this past month. forcasted to have over 60 points if he joins any ushl team this fall


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