Monday, February 8, 2010

Introduction to Myself and an Overview of the USHL's Top Prospect

First off, I just want to introduce myself. I'll be using the screen name Skribes43 for my posts. I am not a paid scout nor do I pretend to be. I'm just a guy who loves hockey and my dream job is to be a college scout. I'm only in high school so I'm starting out early. Basically, I'm just following the advice I've received and blogging about hockey's future to get my name out there. But, my personal gain is not my only motivation. I want to write this blog so everyone out there can get a glimpse at these future NHLers. If you don't agree with my opinion or you would like to add your own opinion, please feel free to use the comment feature below. If you want to contact me privately or give me a tip on a player, please email me at I hope to get a good following here.

Now, on to my first post on a USHL player. Jaden Schwartz is obviously the highest touted player coming out of the USHL and is currently tied for the lead in points in the USHL. I expect him to be drafted in the first round in this years NHL draft. The range of where he will be drafted will be anywhere from 15th to early 2nd round. If he falls down to the second round, it will be a steal for whatever team gets him. He has uncanny passing abilities whether down the ice or when in the offensive zone. When in the zone, he can set up so many plays by just cycling it around the zone and picking up mass amounts of assists. But, don't think that he's only a good passer. Jaden has an incredible shot and when on an odd man rush it's impossible to know what he's going to do: pass or shoot. This unpredictability mixed with his incredible skill makes him one of the top prospects for the 2010 NHL draft.

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