Thursday, February 11, 2010

NHL Draft 2010-Which USHL Goalie Will Go First?

In the 2010 NHL draft, teams will have to make a tough choice between two of the top USHL goalies. Indiana's Cab Morris and Waterloo's Willie Yanakeff are my two projected top USHL goalies.

Morris really stepped it up this year after not being on many people's (including mine) radar. So far the Illinois native has a 2.21 GAA and a .924 save percentage. The few times that I have seen him, he has looked solid. He cuts down angles and has great agility getting to the rebounds he lets go. His technique is solid and it seems he is always square to the shooter. He really shines with his glove that's quick enough to grab even the quickest shots.

Willie Yanakeff was just traded to Waterloo from Sioux City on February 6th. Coming into this season, I had Willie ranked as the number one goalie prospect coming in. He has disappointed many scouts with his performance this year. He has a 3.23 GAA and a .887 save percentage through 12 games this year. Those stats aren't exactly what we were expecting out of him this year. I expected Willie to start for SC but Matt Skoff took that duty before Yanakeff was traded to Waterloo. Regardless of Yanakeff's stats, he still has tremendous ability and NHL scouts can still see that.

So, now that we have a profile on both players, my prediction is that both will be taken in the middle rounds of the 2010 NHL draft. But, I see Morris being taken maybe a full round before Yanakeff just because of Yanakeff's down year. What are your opinions? I would love to see this blog's first comment.

(This article excludes Team USA's Jack Campbell, because Team USA is not limited to the USHL. Campbell will go early in the first round.)

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  1. I have watched Yanakeff for about six years and have never been less than impressed with his performance. Whichever team may draft him will have a power house of a goalie on their hands.


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