Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 10 2010 Eligible USHL Players

These picks are my opinions, I didn't copy this list from anywhere. I have seen all of these players multiple times in person.
I know this is a little off from most people's first USHL player drafted. I like defenseman so that's why he's ahead of Schwartz. This 6'3", 200 pound defenseman is a wonderful talent. His one on one ability is astonishing, there's no dangling around Kevin Lind. His hockey I.Q. is iffy but I believe he'll be the first USHL player drafted in this summer's NHL draft.
Jaden has spectacular hands and sees the ice very well. He can score from almost anywhere and makes crisp, clean passes. He's not very big, 5'10"/190, but that shouldn't hurt his draft stock. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Jaden goes first in the draft, I don't think he will go in front of Lind, but it's hard to predict.
3. T.J. Tynan (DM)

T.J. is an excellent playmaker. I have him rated above his teammate Connor Brickely because of his great year statistically. Tynan will be going somewhere in the second round, it's tough to tell when in the second round, but he won't drop into the third in my opinion.
4. Connor Brickley (DM)

Brickley has good size for a forward (6'2"/195), but doesn't always use it, that's mainly why he's fourth on this list. He has good scoring ability and I have no doubt he will have a professional future. I expect Brickley to go with his Bucs' teammate T.J. Tynan in the second round.

5. Kevin Gravel (SC)

Gravel is my second rated defenseman coming out of the USHL. I've seen Kevin play and I really like his intangibles. Oh yeah, and he's huge, he uses his 6'4"/175 frame to put solid checks and break down odd-man rushes by himself. Gravel will be drafted fairly high based on his size alone plus his defensive skills make him a third rounder at least.

6. Yasin Cisse (DM)

An injury halted his year and that's too bad. He's got good size, 6'3"/208, I mean he's two inches taller than Jerome Iginla, and that's what he needs to play as. A Jerome Iginla-type power forward. He needs to evolve his game into a more physical game. He's probably a little high on my list, but I like his size enough to have him up here. He'll be a mid-round pick maybe 4th or 5th round.
7. Nick Mattson (IND)

Mattson's a good defenseman but really dropped off the radar. He has average D size as he stands 6'1"/190. This is a player who's VERY hard to predict just because he plays great and then not-so-great. Some believe he'll be a third rounder, I believe he'll go later, maybe 4th, and maybe even later than that.
McDermott is a little undersized at 5'11"/178. He makes up for it by putting himself in a good position to make a hit defensively, and on the offensive side of things, he really uses the open ice at the point well to make good shots from good locations. Right now I consider Eamon to be a mid round draft pick but that could go up if he can get a little bigger.

9. Aaron Harstad (GB)

Aaron has good size 6'2"/183, and he uses all of it for very physical plays. I saw him play this last weekend while GB was in Lincoln and I was pretty impressed. He has a good chance of getting drafted in the middle rounds, late 4th to 5th round.

10. Nick Czinder (YNG)

I just can't get over Nick's size. This kid is huge! As a forward he stands at 6'5"/215. He powers through defenseman to create scoring chances. It also speaks to his abilities that he is a +4 on a Youngstown team that is last in the league.
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  1. From Fargo I would say that Eamonn Mcdermott, Garrett Allen, Alex Lippincott and Nate Schmidt have pretty legitimate chances of getting drafted. Lippincott was on NHL Central Scouting lists this year and Schmidt was on last year's as a high schooler...being in the USHL this year will improve his chances. There's my two cents on Fargo....not saying they should be in your top 10...just thought I'd add a comment :)

    Keep up the good work on the blog, it looks great.

  2. Thanks Force blogger, Yes, Allen, Lippincott, and Schmidt have a shot at getting drafted, but I wouldn't put them in the top 10 most likely to get drafted. McDermott is a great talent though, and I'm jealous that you get to see him quite a bit more than I do.


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