Saturday, February 27, 2010

USNTDP Goalie Jack Campbell

I usually don't write about USNTDP players because they aren't exclusive to the USHL. Team USA goes and plays, D1 schools, tournaments, etc. But, as USHL watchers, we get to see the dominating U-18 team come into stadiums and show why they are the best junior hockey players in the United States.

I love writing about goalies and defenseman, as you can see by me having Kevin Lind rated above Jaden Schwartz. So, naturally, I'm writing about one of the best junior goalies in the world, Jack Campbell. The goaltender from Port Huron, Michigan stands at 6'2" and weighs 171 pounds. This season in the USHL alone, not counting the games where he's played D1 schools, Campbell has an unheard of 1.98 GAA and .923 SV% in 6 games played. Campbell also guided Team USA to a gold medal in the World Junior Hockey Championship over Canada. You can watch highlights of that game here.

Campbell has been frustrating USHL teams all season as it seems almost impossible to score on him. He has almost perfect mechanics and form and is always square to the shooter. To take a quote from Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks from the movie Miracle, "If you score on him, keep the puck, because it doesn't happen often.". Jack is always in front of the puck and uses his glove very effectively.

Campbell has been getting high praise from scouts everywhere, and it's well deserved. As far I can tell, Campell won't attend a University to play college hockey. Jack should be drafted in the top 15 at least and may jump onto an NHL roster right away or play AHL or another minor league affiliate. He has the skill to get onto a NHL roster right away, but only time will tell.

I know I get quite a bit of visitors here every day and I would like to hear your opinions. Please share anything you may want to say by leaving a comment.

EDIT: I realized after I posted this that Campbell signed a contract with the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL for next year.


  1. campbell is good but he is hiding behind a storng offensive team, as you said one of the best juniors teams in the world formed by top junior players. in the world juniors he is lucky only 2 goals went past him, becasue from what i counted four times he was on he back flopping and twice the puck was rolling and the canadian forward couldnt get a good enough hold on it and hit campbell. But ebrle got a hold of the last two and just flipped them over campbell... but when usndtp team does give up good chances, like they did against sioux falls; campbell had 16 shots and 4 goals against. he is very good teachnically but almost too robotic... give him 2-3 years before he will be in the nhl. he sees a lot of perimeter shots and for any goalie thats an easy game to play.

  2. You are a complete idiot. Why don't you like him? Did he starting job in honey baked, Anonymous? I believe you are upset because you are from the United States's hat. Oh and learn how to spell "strong".


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