Thursday, March 11, 2010

USHL Prospect Report-Jaden Schwartz

Yes, it's time I write a report on the USHL's most exciting scorer. Jaden Schwartz (TRI) is obviously the highest rated forward coming out of the USHL this year. Schwartz is number one for USHL players eligible for this year's draft on a lot of scouts lists. I have Kevin Lind (CHI) rated above him, but that doesn't take away from this young man's talent.

Jaden stands at 5'10" and he uses his small frame to his advantage by being extremely elusive and quick. Schwartz sees the ice exteremely well and always seems to know when to make a pass. His passes aren't just ordinary USHL passes, they're tape to tape passes with a lot of zip on them, something you don't see very much at this level. Jaden can also score though, as edivenced by his 30 goals in 51 games. He chooses his shots well by moving the puck into the slot with that speed and elusiveness I mentioned before.

Schwartz is also a menance on the powerplay for any team he faces. Out of his 77 total points this year, 35 (14g, 21a) of them came on the powerplay. Only five days ago on March 6th, Schwartz has a hat trick against Youngstown once again proving he's the best forward in the league. Along with his powerplay strengths, Jaden has also shown what he can do on the penalty kill. In the 51 games he's played, Schwartz has 6 points (3g, 3a) on the penalty kill.

Schwartz is defenitely a prospect that should hit it big in the near future. Expect him to be drafted in the lte first round of this summer's NHL Draft. Jaden is commited to play at Colorado College in 2010, but the possibility of him going straight to an NHL prospect camp and working his way up is definitely there. Only the future can tell if this young man will hit it big sooner rather than later.

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