Monday, March 8, 2010

USHL Prospect Report-Dax Lauwers

Dax Lauwers (LIN) is someone I get to see just about every weekend. As a Lincoln fan, I know we aren't going to make the playoffs and I just stopped hoping night in and night out that the Stars would get a W. So, if there isn't good hockey to watch, what is there to watch? I spend my time at games looking for prospects who haven't quite gotten on to pro scouts' lists yet. Dax is definitely one of those guys.

Lauwers is 6'2", 185 pounds and an immensely talented defenseman. When falling back into the defensive zone, Dax knows when to step up and when to keep falling back to take a passing lane. When he does step up, he rarely gets burned and almost always finishes his checks. One thing I noticed is that he communicates very well with his defensive partner and goalie no matter who's in net for the Stars. He also has an uncanny ability to block shots and passes. Lauwers also has an even +/- with the last place Stars this year.

So, if Lauwers has all this defensive talent, why hasn't he been on pro scout's lists? One reason, and one reason only. He's a one-trick pony. Lauwers only has 2 assists all year, and that's not too impressive. His offensive skills are the thing that is bringing his value down significantly. Pro teams honestly aren't that interested in a one way defenseman any more unless they are a prospect for the ages. If Dax can improve his offensive skills in the next four years, he can only help himself.

Dax just recently commited to Army to play next season. Congrats to Dax and this is a kid to keep your eye on for sure.

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