Sunday, March 7, 2010

USHL Prospect Report-Nick Ebert

Nick Ebert (WAT) is the better of Waterloo's two 15 year olds. Ebert is extremely skilled for a defenseman of his age. He has a mix of defensive skill and offensive skill that has scouts everywhere drooling.

Nick is a powerplay mastermind. He can hold the line, and can get the puck down low where his forwards can score. He also can take shots into crowds in front of the net and get a deflection for an assist. Ebert has 14 points through 45 games this year and 7 of those points are on the powerplay. Nick makes great passes and skates extremely well. His poise going against guys who are upwards of 5 years older than him is amazing. His shot needs development and size may bring his value down a little, Ebert stands at 6'1"/185.

Nick currently doesn't have a college scholarship, and from what I've heard, that most likely won't change. There's been rumors that Ebert is headed to the OHL which would make him an almost sure lock to be drafted in 2012's NHL Draft. If Nick does decide to go the OHL route, he'll be a sure top 3 pick in the 2010 OHL draft. Like I said before, the OHL would make him a sure NHL player some day.

The OHL has been producing many NHL stars recently. The last three first overall picks have been from the OHL, Patrick Kane, Steven Stamkos, and John Tavares. Now I'm not saying Nick is going to be a 1st overall pick, I'm just pointing out that the OHL puts out a lot of stars and I think Nick Ebert is on the fast track to be one of those stars. Nick is my pick to be the next great U.S. defenseman.

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  1. I think Nick Ebert could get a college scholarship from any school in the country.I heard he has visited U.Minn-Deluth and has been in contact with U.Wisconsin in addition to his visit to UND-Isnt he only a 10th grader?-I think he's going to NTDP like Kane and Carlson.

  2. I'm not too sure on the USNTDP part, I've heard from quite few people he's going OHL. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  3. I've heard that nick ebert will be playing for waterloo again or the NTDP next year from a reliable source. He did vistit UND and reports are that he like it alot and will be making a decision shortly on that school.

  4. Nice, I can't imagine he wouldn't go for the NTDP. I know he made the cut for the team. This would be really great for the league to have a trio of great players (first rounders maybe) for 11.


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