Tuesday, March 30, 2010

USHL Prospect Report-Steve Summerhays

Steve Summerhays (GB) is a goalie who's skills have been shown this season. The goaltender from Anchorage, Alaska is leading virtually every stat category for goalies this year. Summerhays has a record of 30-2-3 (leads the league in wins), has a 2.20 GAA (leads league), and a .913 SV% (3rd in league). Summerhays, a two-year USHL veteran, recently commited to play hockey for the University of Notre Dame, a member of the WCHA.

Summerhays is probably the best goaltender in the USHL in overall skill. Now, he may not be the best NHL prospect, I would say Cab Morris (IND) is, but Summerhays has the the most skill developed right now. Summerhays doesn't really have a weak spot in his game, but if there's one thing that takes away from his value, it's that he plays behind a really good team on the Anderson Cup winning Green Bay Gamblers. He hasn't had to prove himself as a starter on a team where he has to win the game for them, not just keep the team in it.

Summerhays comes out and challenges when his defensemen get burned and is, you guessed it, always square to the shooter. Summerhays' real strength is his glove. Screened or not, he can always seem to glove a shot no matter how fast it is. Summerhays also keeps rebounds well under control which really cuts down on his goals against by rebound. One on one, I believe he is the hands-down best goaltender in the league. He cuts down angles on breakaways which makes him almost impossible to score on.

Summerhays committed to play at Notre Dame, as mentoined before, and I can't believe it took this long for him to get committed somewhere. His NHL Draft future looks bleek to say the least, but I believe he'll be one of those guys who plays well in college and ends up getting a contract upon leaving college.

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  1. What planet are you from. Summerhays has allways been a big gamer. Hes allways won the big game. Look at his record. Look at his winning streak. Look at his his two year record in the ushl. Hes number 1 in the ushl for a reason. I personally know Steven as i was his youth goalie coach for many years. Bo wagner

  2. Well Bo, thanks for the comment. I believe you may have misunderstood what I wrote. I said that Steve, in his USHL career, hasn't had to win games by himself. He has played two years and has won two Anderson Cups. Yes, he's played a big part in them, but he's had very offensively talented teams. That's all I'm saying. I'm not saying that Summerhays can't performed under pressure, just that he's played behind very good teams.

  3. I still think Summerhays is the best goalie to hit the Gamblers wether you admit to it or not. He might not win him by himself but he blocked some pretty tough goals. Summerhays rules!

  4. Ushl goalie of the year. Voted by the league coaches.

  5. Obviously he was the best goaltender in the USHL this year, just look at his stats. This blog and the reports I write aren't focused on the player's performance in the USHL as much as the player's likeliness to play in the NHL. Summerhays is your prototypical college goalie. If he turns enough heads there, sure a team might try and sign him. I realize you guys are probably Gambler fans and you may not like to hear what I'm writing, but I write unbiased scouting reports.


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