Wednesday, March 31, 2010

USHL Prospect Report-Eamonn McDermott

I recently got to see Eamonn McDermott (FGO) play and I actually focused on him and him only when he was out on the ice. Trust me, it's not hard to lose focus when four of the leagues' most proficient scorers, Leitner, Leivermann, Condon, and Grant, are playing. But, since i stayed focused, I found a new perspective of McDermott. Before, I didn't see what all the "hoopla" was about, and McDermott dropped on my list of 2010 eligible players. But now his stock has risen in my book, and I believe he's risen on the majority of NHL scouts' lists.

The first time in a game you're going to recognize McDermott is on the powerplay most likely. McDermott cycles the puck down low on the PP and get his forwards set up for back door goals. McDermott has 23 points in 41 games this year and 14 of them came on the powerplay. McDermott has quite a shot and thats where he gets all his assists from. He winds up, takes a monster shot and it either bounces off of someone and finds it way into the net, someone deflects it in, or it creates a rebound for one of his forwards to stuff it home for a goal. He holds the line exetremely well and you can actually see teams try and avoid trying to clear the zone on his side because he can always seem to find a way to keep the puck in the offensive zone.

McDermott is currently commited to at Colorado College at the end of his USHL career. McDermott will definitely go on and play well in college and become well recognized as a good offensive minded defenseman. I believe that McDermott could definitely garner soem NHL draft interest this summer.

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  1. McDermott is a very shifty player. Very quick and deceptive. You're right on the PP time, he is the quarterback on the umbrella. Hopefully he gets drafted in the NHL...he is probably the only one from Fargo that has a chance at being drafted.

  2. Oh yeah, McDermott is almost like a Gonchar for the Penguins the way he controls the tempo on the PP. I can see him getting a look from an NHL team in the later rounds.


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