Monday, April 26, 2010

USHL Draft Coverage- Chris Tracy

I have been contacted by to write up some profiles on players that may be drafted into the USHL this year in the USHL Entry Draft. I will be writing a profile almost every day leading up to the draft beginning with forwards, then on to defensemen, and finishing with goaltenders. These are in no particular order, as the Entry Draft is hard to predict. I haven't seen these players play either, so if you have seen them play and have something to add, please do. Enjoy!

Chris Tracy (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers) is once again a forward from the Tier 1 Elite League and also has good size for a midget major player. Tracy has that great combo of size and scoring ability that has scouts drooling. Tracy is 6'2"/193 which is great size for a player coming into the USHL. He should have no problem transitioning from midget majors into USHL hockey. In 18 games this year, Tracy had 9 goals and 4 assists, with one of those goals coming while the Junior Flyers were shorthanded. Tracy also had 34 penalty minutes in those 18 games which were all two minute minors except for one ten minute misconduct Tracy received on February 15th against Russell Stover. If I had to compare Tracy to a current USHL player, I would compare him to Green Bay's Chris Crane, who has around the same size and scoring ability as Tracy. Also, both of the players like racking up the PIMs with Tracy having his 34 in 18 games and Crane having 107 in 52 games this year. Expect to see Tracy drafted this year and be playing in the USHL next year.

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  1. Was a top power forward on the black allstar team at USHL prospects combine. Loves physical style game. Should have no problem transitioning to the USHL.

  2. Yes, that's why I compared him to Green Bay tough guy Chris Crane. I'm assuming you were at the combine. Could you share more on Tracy's ability?

  3. Yes, I was at the combine. Tracy (along with linemate Ian Mcgilvrey) were the two forwards who really stood out to me. Has a great release on his shot and seemed to enjoy crashing the net, as he ran into the goalie multiple times, even once causing the other team to take a penalty in retaliation. Plays a super-agressive, in your face type style of play, similar to that of Jeff Costello of Cedar Rapids. Good speed for his size, likes to shoot the puck, and I believe he scored a goal in the Allstar game.


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