Sunday, April 25, 2010

USHL Draft Coverage- Boby Luc

I have been contacted by to write up some profiles on players that may be drafted into the USHL this year in the USHL Entry Draft. I will be writing a profile almost every day leading up to the draft beginning with forwards, then on to defensemen, and finishing with goaltenders. These are in no particular order, as the Entry Draft is hard to predict. I haven't seen these players play either, so if you have seen them play and have something to add, please do. Enjoy!

Boby Luc (Chicago Fury) is a very intriguing prospect for the USHL. Luc has huge size, and that definitely sets him apart from the pack of potential USHL draftees. Luc is 6'4", 200 pounds, and oh yeah, he's a forward. With that size, Luc scores goals and has some nice skills when it comes to passing also. He was second on the Fury U18 team in scoring this year with 35 points in 48 games. Luc has not been drafted in either the Futures or Entry Draft before, which is surprising based on his size, but he didn't have the numbers to merit being drafted last year (6g and 8a in 31gp). A player that I would compare him to in the USHL would be Youngstown's Nick Czinder in terms of size and offensive ability. Czinder had 22 points in 52 games this year, which is about equal with Luc's numbers considering the difference in skill levels and speed of the game between the USHL and midget major level. Look for Luc to be drafted first round in this May's USHL Entry Draft, and be on a USHL roster next year.

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  1. "Look for Luc to be drafted first round in this May's USHL Entry Draft, and be on a USHL roster next year."

    Not drafted at all. Great work.

  2. As easy as it is to sit back and criticize my work after the draft, I'll take it. I was wrong.


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