Thursday, April 1, 2010

USHL Prospect Report-Jacob Fallon

Jacob Fallon (IND) is a guy who's climbing up my list of 2010 eligible every weekend. Like most people, Fallon dropped right off my list when he left USNTDP program when he was connected with a sexual assault case with three of his teammates at their high school. Fallon was also suspended for most of the early part of the season for drinking. With all his behavoiral issues, most people have looked over Fallon's hockey skills. So let's bring the focus back to what is really important, his ability to play hockey.

First off, Fallon is quick. He can burn defensemen outside, and if he has a teammate with him, the chances are, they're going to score. Fallon has great hands with which he can make crisp, tape-to-tape  passes that set up his teammates with great chances to score. His speed, mixed with his ability to make great passes, draws comparisions to Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane. So, he is definitely highly regarded in the NHL community. Fallon doesn't have the best shot, which can bring his value down, and his below average size, 5'10"/180, also brings his draft value down a bit also. But you really can't argue with his raw ability, it's just that he has developing to do as he gets older and plays in college. He will be a great player someday, he just needs to develop his great potential and he'll be in the NHL someday.

Fallon is committed to play for Michigan at the end of his USHL career. Fallon was invited to participate in the NHL Scouting Combine along with Jaden Schwartz (TRI), Kevin Gravel (SC), and Connor Brickley (DM). The invitations were sent out to the top 100 eligible players for the 2010 NHL Draft. Fallon is a young man that you should defeinitely keep your eye on to be a future NHL playmaker.

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