Sunday, July 11, 2010

USHL 25-Man Rosters

On July 1st, each USHL team was required to submit a 25-man roster to bring along to the USHL Fall Classic to take place September 22nd-25th. Along with the 25-man roster, each team also submitted an affiliate list and a future's list. Here is each team's 25-man roster, affiliate list, and future's list:

Cedar Rapids RoughRiders

Chicago Steel

Des Moines Buccaneers
Fargo Force (Not made public)

Green Bay Gamblers (Not made public)

Indiana Ice (Not made public)

Lincoln Stars

Omaha Lancers

Sioux City Musketeers

Sioux Falls Stampede

 Tri-City Storm (Not made public)


Waterloo Black Hawks (Not made public)

 Youngstown Phantoms

Dubuque Fighting Saints

 Muskegon Lumberjacks

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  1. Will you try and post the rosters that weren't made public?

  2. If the rosters weren't made public, how is he supposed to post them?

  3. @4:28pm

    Stole the words out of my mouth. Is he supposed to make the unreleased rosters up in his head?


  4. What because a list is not made public it doesn't exist...of course it exists they had to submit it. DUH...give the guy a break!

  5. Anoy @ 6:08 am
    the person running this blog does not have any more inside information than any other fan, if the information is not released to the public, then the publc does not have access to it. Noone said that the list didn't exsist, just that this blogger isn't going to have access to it.

  6. FYI, SF has released their 25 man roster

  7. Sioux Falls released a 27-man roster, which confuses me a little bit, because I'm guessing they'll have to cut it down to 25 before the Fall Classic.

  8. The Dubuque link to their supposed 25 man roster takes you to a story about their 30 man roster

  9. Here's the real link to Dubuque's roster cutdown. They only submitted 23 names...keeping two spots in reserve.

  10. Dubuque has three rookie foreigners on their 25 (23) man list: Teichroeb (G), Quinn (D) & Girgensons (F) --one of those kids will have to be gone be come October.


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