Thursday, April 22, 2010

USHL Draft Coverage- Matt Berry

I have been contacted by to write up some profiles on players that may be drafted into the USHL this year in the USHL Entry Draft. I will be writing a profile almost every day leading up to the draft beginning with forwards, then on to defensemen, and finishing with goaltenders. These are in no particular order, as the Entry Draft is hard to predict. I haven't seen these players play either, so if you have seen them play and have something to add, please do. Enjoy!

Matt Berry (Belle Tire) led the U18 Division of the Tier 1 Elite Hockey League this year in points. In 48 games, Berry compiled 77 points, 32 of them goals and 45 were assists. The winger from Canton, Michigan is very little which is most likely why he wasn't taken in the Futures Draft before. Berry stands at 5'8"/140, which is not standard USHL size. But, stereotypes about small players can sometimes cloud our minds to an extent where we think that smaller players just can't compete at the USHL level. But folks, the perfect example of a small player doing exceeding in the USHL is Des Moines' T.J. Tynan. Tynan was tied for fifth in points, first in assists, and first in assists on the powerplay. If Berry can come in and score the same amount of points he is in midgets and he could very well be a star in the USHL.


  1. Signed with the expansion Muskegon Lumberjacks.

  2. Muskegon fans should wise up...the current IHL was NOT the IHL of the past! The current IHL was made up of pro players long past any chance of moving into the NHL! The bottom of the barrel! Just a bunch guys doing the only thing they know how...with little future...and just trying to stay in the game.

  3. I mentioned that in the Johnson article above. Muskegon fans don't know it yet, but they are recieving an upgrade in overall quality of hockey.


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