Sunday, March 21, 2010

USHL Prospect Report-Dominik Shine

Dominik Shine (LIN) is a great forward, but somehow still flys under the radar on most NHL scouts' lists. Shine, a 16 year old excelling in the USHL, a league tailored to give 18 and ups a chance for a college scholarship, is currently the second most exciting prospect coming out of the USHL for the 2011 NHL Draft. It's amazing what the forward out of  Pinckney, Michigan has accomplished in his first year in the USHL. Dominik has 25 points through 50 games which is very respectable considering he's playing for a Lincoln team that has 40 points which is second to last in the USHL.

Shine is a great "playmaker" type player, but also has a blistering shot. I think Shine's best quality is his ability to skate. He's not the fastest player out there, but he has the ability to turn on the jets and burn defensemen to the outside and create great scoring chances which unfortunately Lincoln has not been able to captialize on. Back to Shine's playmaking ability, he can make crisp down the ice passes to set up odd-man rushes for his teammates. Also, Shine can take it wide and make cross-slot passes to his teammate waiting backdoor for the easy goal. But Shine is a multi-talented player, he has a shot that can beat any goalie in the league. That's why Shine has 13 goals this season and is on a 3 game point streak.

Dominik isn't commited to a college yet and that's probably due to the fact that he's only 16. Right behind Seth Ambroz (OMA), Shine is my second-rated 2011 NHL Draft eligible USHL forward. His potential is exciting and he will only get better. This is a kid to keep your eye on for the future.

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  1. Shine is an exciting player to watch. He plays with intensity and fire and watching him I find it hard to believe he is only 16 and one of the youngest players on the Star's team. I am looking forward to watching him develop in the next couple of years.

  2. Oh for sure. It will be fun to see who comes out on top as the first forward from the USHL drafted in 2011. I think Shine is really gaining on Ambroz and it could very well be a tight race.

  3. Ambroz has a lot more size on Shine though which will make him more attractive to NHL scouts.

  4. This is true, however, if Shine puts up the numbers he is capable of next year, it could be a toss up and we could maybe even see 2 or 3 USHL players drafted in the 1-2 round area (Mayfield, Shine, Ambroz). Besides, the draft is a full year away, and Shine isn't done growing. That said, neither is Ambroz. So we will just have to wait and see who plays better statistically next year and see who is drafted first next year.

  5. Ambroz is going to Minnesota next year too (I think?). That will probably make him a more attractive bid...depending on how he does there...of course if he tanks it, he will go down the lists.


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