Monday, April 5, 2010

Updated: Top 10 2010 NHL Draft Eligible USHL Players

1. Jaden Schwartz (TC)
Last Ranking: 2nd

I wrote an article about Schwartz earlier. Jaden has a great shot but even better passes. He sets his teammates up well and he has the good speed that makes him very attractive to NHL teams. Schwartz captured the league scoring title this year with 83 points in the regular season 60 games. 38 of those 83 points came on the powerplay and 8 came while the Storm were shorthanded. He should be a first rounder for sure.

Last Ranking: 4th

Here's the very brief overview of Brickley I did in February. Brickley is quite the team player. He made a significant climb on my list after I saw him play 2 more games in the past few months. Brickley flies around the ice being a puck hound always looking for the next play to score. Brickley had an underwhelming 43 points in 52 games this season, but that is acceptable for his play style. Brickley is sure to garner some interest in this summer's NHL Draft, I'd say second round is the perfect spot for him.

Last Ranking: 5th

I wrote about Gravel's skills in February. Gravel has moved up quite a bit on my list up to the first 2010 eligible defensemen. Gravel has great defensive ability and really shows it night in and night out. Gravel also has great size standing at 6'4" and 175 pounds. The thing that has been Gravel's achillies heel is his lack of offensive production. He only had 6 points in 53 games this year. Gravel could get some looks mid rounds maybe 3rd or 4th round.

Last Ranking: Not Ranked

My last Prospect Report was on Fallon who climbed up a lot of scouts' list. He fell right off a lot of peoples lists with his leaving of the USNTDP program in January. He has gained his way back up and just recently got invited to the NHL Draft Scouting Combine, which is for the top 100 eligible players for the draft. Fallon had 9 points in 23 games with Indiana this season. Expect Fallon to be drafted around the 4th or 5th round area this summer.

Last Ranking: 1st

I wrote a report on Lind, which you can read here. Lind dropped on my list A LOT. His offensive numbers have been less than what was wanted and expected. Lind had 16 points in 55 games this year. Lind has shown moments of defensive brilliance this season. It's been shown that Lind isn't as developed as once thought. He's going to need to go through college and mature before he's ready for the NHL. Still, expect Lind to be drafted, 6th round seems like a good spot for him, but he could go earlier.
Last Ranking: 8th

In March, I wrote about McDermott. McDermott haxs been steadily rising up my rankings and I think he's hit where he should be.  McDermott is the best offensive defenseman in the USHL crop, but he's not fully developed. he'll have to mature through college, like Lind. McDermott is a powerplay quarterback with 16 of his 25 points coming on the PP. From McDermott down, these are going to be guys that have a shot at being taken in the 6th round but most likely, they'll be going in the 7th or go undrafted.

Last Ranking: 3rd

Here is an article I wrote about Tynan in February. Tynan has fell quite a bit on my rankings since last time. This is pretty much a direct impact from his teammate Connor Brickley's performance this season. Tynan still has 70 points which is tied for 5th in the league. His size is what really brings his value down. His offensive skills are defenitely being noticed but his size is really bring him down. Tynan stands at 5'9"/170. Tynan could go in the 5th but will likely drop into the 6th or 7th round. I'm sure he will be drafted though.
Last Ranking: 9th

I haven't wrote an article on Harstad but that doesn't mean he's not a good player. Harstad is solid defensively and he'll be great in college which is where he'll be recognized for his skills. Harstad might get drafted in the 7th round but he might fall out of the draft and get signed after his college days. Credit goes to RJ Meyer for the photo.

Last Ranking: 7th

I don't have a report written on Mattson either. Mattson stands at 6'1"/190 so his size doesn't exactly jump off the paper. He plays very solid defense, and that could get him noticed this June. Mattson isn't the best on offense either, he's more of a defensive minded player more than offense. He had 19 points in 51 games this season. Mattson could be a late 7th round pick but most likely won't be drafted. Credit goes to RJ Meyer for the photo.

Last Ranking: 10th

I also don't have a report for Czinder. Czinder is one of the biggest forwards in the USHL which is why it makes him so interesting to scouts. Nick is 6'5" and 215 pounds which is unbelievable for a forward. Czinder is a project, no doubt about it. He has a lot of raw skill that needs developing, and a college career will do that. If it all pans out, Czinder could be a great NHL "power forward" in the future. Czinder could be drafted in the 7th round, but more than likely, NHL teams will wait for him to finish college and see how he develops before they take a chance on him.

I'm sure a lot of you readers have something to say about this list, so let me hear your comments!


  1. Thanks for the comment. If Kuchin was on this list, he'd be 10th. I honestly think as a 19 year old USHL player, he's hit his ceiling. I love Czinder's size and he has some untapped potential there. That said, Kuchin is a good scorer and has the potential of being a pro, but I don't believe he'll be drafted. He very well could go back to Russia and play KHL which is apparently a very real option for him.


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